Pet Fencing

Protecting Your Pets…Without Hiding Your Property Behind a Fence

How does it work? A wire is installed around the perimeter of your property, pool, flowerbeds or any other perimeter you would like to have your pet refrain from, establishing your pet's boundary. A transmitter, placed in your basement, garage or under your deck, sends a radio signal along the wire. The radio signal is picked up by your pet's collar, which emits a warning sound or correction when your pet approaches the boundary. During the training process, we will introduce the customized static correction to your pet which reinforces the boundaries of your property and tells your pet clearly where they can and cannot go.  The collar is fastened around the pets neck much like a regular collar would. This collar will receive a signal from the wire should your pet get too close to any areas that are off limits.  The first thing that will happen is your pet will hear a warning tone if it gets too close to the area that is off limits. Should your pet continue to get even closer then the collar will deliver a mild shock.

After a couple weeks of training on the electric pet fence your pet will begin to understand where its new boundaries are. After it receives a couple corrections from the collar, your pet will more than likely not test the limits of the containment area and probably will not get close enough to receive any more corrections.

At DHS Inc., we supply and install the PetSafe® in ground wired fence system.  A PetSafe® Brand system is safe and humane. It is highly recommended by veterinarians, professional dog trainers, behaviorists and other pet experts.  We also repair any damage to your existing irrigation and/or lighting system caused by the installation of the pet fence…a service we are often contracted to do for other pet fence installation companies.


For cats

This deluxe in-ground fencing system was designed to let your cat be himself in the safety of your yard. It provides safe and reliable containment for your cat with tone-only plus 4 levels of correction that take her temperament into account. The collar has a special stretch section for your cat's safety, and a battery-life indicator to assure you that the collar is working.

For dogs

This deluxe in-ground fence system includes a compact UltraLight™ receiver and adjustable collar that weighs only 70 grams (2.5 ounces). Innovative features like built-in lightning protection and a low-battery indicator ensure that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your pet will be right where you left him.


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