Cast Lighting Starter Kit

Need to start your outdoor lighting plans or add to your current layout?

The CAST Lighting Experience is an answer to the darkness and insecurity of your home and property. Instead of outdoor lighting that is glaring, leaves dark shadows, or doesn't even work, a solid bronze CAST Lighting system is rock-solid-dependable and delivers light where it's needed - in the right amounts. It is the top choice of the country's best lighting professionals. CAST Lighting will meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and greatly enhance the experience of your home.  We have assembled an outdoor lighting starter kit that includes:

  • One Cast 300 Watt Low Voltage transformer to power your system
  • One 500 foot roll of CAST 12 AWG Tin Coated No-Ox wire
  • Two CAST MR16 Bullet Lights for uplighting a tree or hardscapes
  • Three CAST China Hat Path/Area Lights to highlight a walkway or patio

Starting at $1499.00 plus Installation and Taxes

(contact us today to discuss your lighting needs)

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