STOP Fertilizing Manually!

Posted on January 23, 2012

Diamond Dan Holding PlantDiamond Head Sprinklers Inc. has successfully adapted the key delivery and installation aspects required for fertigation to residential, commercial and municipal landscapes, by being Ontario’s only Authorized Installer of the EZ-FLO Fertigation System.

You probably have invested a fair amount time and money on your landscape throughout the years. In addition, you also have an emotional connection and sense of satisfaction that comes from having a beautiful landscape.

Diamond Head Sprinklers helps you achieve that beautiful look by embracing a new way of thinking about fertilizing your landscape. No longer is it necessary to use common broadcast fertilizing techniques. You can now get better results for your landscape, while saving money and virtually eliminating negative environmental impacts. Fertigation (fertilizing using your irrigation system) is a process in which fertilizer is dissolved and distributed with water in your existing irrigation system, to gently feed the entire landscape during the growing period.

EZ Flo Authorized InstallerOur fertigation system carefully feeds the entire landscape with natural fertilizers caring for the soil and all plant life. The usual method of using synthetic fertilizer is like adding steroids to a plants system. This creates unhealthy shock and stress, facilitating harm to the plants infrastructure. Our fertigation system feeds with all natural bio-stimulants gently, with each watering cycle, giving the plant a healthier root system. This process makes the plant stronger and more drought-tolerant. Using our method, we re-introduce all natural micro-nutrients back into the soil, recreating the natural biology of the forest in your own yard. This way of micro-dosing virtually eliminates any fertilizer run-off so most of the fertilizer can be absorbed by the plant.

EZ Flo TankNew landscapes mature more quickly, and established landscapes can resist attacks by harmful insects and weeds. With a Diamond Head Sprinklers installed fertigation system, your entire landscape receives consistent, no surge growth, resulting in a vibrant root system and a much healthier plant!

With the installation, implementation and proper management provided by Diamond Head Sprinklers, water usage can be reduced by up to 35-50% within one year, while making your landscape lusher than ever before. Fertilizer costs can be reduced by as much as 70-90% allowing the plant to absorb 100% of the fertilizer each time you water.

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