Adding Mid Season Visits!

Posted on February 09, 2012

Diamond Dan with ClipboardThe purpose of Diamond Head Sprinklers performing a mid season visit is to minimize the costs that can arise from improper controller scheduling, plant growth, leaks, broken sprinkler heads and overspray into unwanted areas resulting in wasted water. The hammock the kids purchased for dad on Father’s Day is great for relaxing in, but it blocks coverage to the Hydrangea Limelight that was planted on Mother’s Day. You recently completed a new shed or moved your waste storage area to a new location and it is now situated on top of a sprinkler head. These are just a few issues that need to be addressed from time to time on your property. Preventative maintenance on your irrigation system can fix an issue before it becomes a major expense.

If you currently only receive a Fall Shut Down visit, our technicians never get a chance to review your site in the Spring and make any suggestions, improvements or much needed repairs to its operating efficiency. If you currently receive both a Spring Start Up and a Fall Shut Down visit, this mid season visit allows us to modify controller / timer settings and ensure accurate adjustment of nozzles and spray patterns. All of our technicians findings are detailed in your invoice should you decide to proceed with any repair or suggested improvement in the future.

Over watering, leaks and overspray from sprinkler heads have an obvious cost to water being wasted. Other expenses could include lawn restoration due to disease, soil erosion, plant replacement, mold and water damage in basements or outdoor structures.

Under watering has a cost as well. It can be caused by more than just controller / timer settings. Common issues are sprinkler heads that have stopped rotating, plant growth impeding spray patterns and pool / patio furniture locations. 

Preventative maintenance can go a long way in maintaining an irrigation system. Many system owners don’t realize the importance of a regular maintenance schedule. We often receive service call requests when unpleasant brown patches appear on the lawn, plant material shows signs of stress or a leak / broken equipment begins causing water damage. Just like your car or any other mechanical device, your irrigation system requires periodic maintenance to prolong the life and increase the integrity of your valued landscape.

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