Introducing Our Very Own Rotor!

Posted on August 02, 2013

We are proud of our workmanship and want to leave a lasting reminder that you have chosen Diamond Head Sprinklers to service your system.  What other irrigation companies have their very own rotor? Our very own Diamond Head Sprinklers 4” pop up rotor is now available and is an exact replacement for the Hunter PGP rotor.  Complete with a 2 year guarantee, our rotors match or exceed the quality and precipitation rates of our competitors. Selling for $2 less than the RainBird 5004PC and the Hunter PGP, we look forward to using our rotors on many upcoming installations and service repairs.

Introducing Our “Cool Zone” Misting Stations

Posted on August 01, 2013

Rent Our Units or Have Us Build Your Very Own! There is no need to suffer in the heat any longer. Stay cooled down with a Diamond Head "Cool Zone" misting tent. You can easily rent our "Cool Zone" misting stations for any of your outdoor events, or have us build a custom unit for you!  Requiring only a simple garden hose connection, these low pressure units are easy to set up, portable and come complete with backdrops, sides and even a table! It’s a great solution for sporting events, family reunions, outdoor birthday parties or trade shows. Our "Cool Zone' misting station will definitely be a big hit at your next>Read More

Will an automatic sprinkler system use more water than you are currently using?

Posted on April 09, 2013

 Q. Will an automatic sprinkler system use more water than you are currently using? A. No. -- In fact, an automatic sprinkler system may actually save you water. A well designed, efficient irrigation system applies exactly the amount of water needed by your landscape. You will never again have to worry about wasting water if you forget to turn off the hose.
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