We’re Green


Today, more and more people are mindful about the products they use every day, their associated environmental impact, and global warming contributions. 

At Diamond Head Sprinklers, we take every effort to minimize our carbon footprint in all we do.

As certified professionals within the industry, our philosophy in designing and managing irrigation systems is to minimize your cost by conserving water with optimal irrigation system designs and watering schedules. Not only is this important to reduce your end costs, but we believe that water conservation is our environmental responsibility. One of the most common challenges that we are asked to address is the high cost of our customer's water bills. This is one of our favourite projects because we can often deliver better results using LESS water by carefully calibrating your irrigation system and monitoring your irrigation schedule seasonally.

We look at each irrigation zone and determine the runtime based on plant material type, microclimate, slope and density. We recommend low precipitation nozzles, weather based control systems and regular irrigation tune ups. DHS Inc. is passionate about our environment, water saving and water reclamation, they put this passion into their work. We do the job right the first time because there’s not enough water to make mistakes.  Our goal is to make every drop count.


Unlike some installation companies, we refuse to install an irrigation system without at minimum a rainsensor.  Believe it or not, many companies do not share this same concern.  We encourage the property owner to install components such as weather based controllers and on site weather stations.  “Watering by the Weather, Not by Time” has been a slogan of ours since 1994.

We are the leading installer in the province of cisterns, holding tanks and rain barrels utilizing reclaimed water.  Converting older, inefficient systems using low-pressure drip irrigation, moisture sensors and ET controllers, we can often improve efficiencies from 30 and 40 percent to 75 and 85 percent.

In the field, using our vehicle feedback systems courtesy of our GPS tracking units, technicians are monitored and encouraged to reduce idling habits. Using our scheduling software, we are able to maximize travel routes to minimize distance traveled and allow us to be more efficient with less travel time.  

In the DHS Inc. offices, we are vigilant in recycling and composting efforts.  We are reducing paper by emailing invoices and using Netbooks for information gathering and tracking. 


The paper we do use is Eco-Responsible FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, acid-free, elemental chlorine-free paper, which is recognized by the WWF and Rainforest Alliance as the leading standard in responsible forest management. 

We recycle batteries returned to the offices from the field and implemented a program to ensure the turning off lights and computers at night when not in use.  Our most recent mini project included the hiring of subcontractors that will only use eco friendly cleaners.


We are switching to use only ECO Alkaline batteries in all of our controllers, remotes, sensors and timers beginning in 2012. Manufactured with 0% Mercury, 0% Lead, 0% Cadmium – Eco Alkaline Batteries set the standard for responsible disposable alkaline batteries.

By purchasing Eco Alkalines™ Batteries, you're doing your part to reduce the CO2 and climate change impact brought about by the production, distribution and disposal of alkaline batteries.

For more information on our environmentally-friendly efforts, email us at info@diamondheadinc.com.



we're green