“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”  At Diamond Head Sprinklers, our business is built on quality and customer satisfaction. We’re problem solvers who understand how partnerships achieve optimum results. Together, we get the job done on time, and on budget. We offer the experience and expertise to handle every aspect in our respected discipline. As you work with us, you will see that we put a premium on safety, delivering value and dependability. This commitment to unmatched customer service is demonstrated through listening to the voice of the customer and seeking ways to continually improve.

We concentrate on the details of the job at hand, while keeping an eye on the big picture, and our fit with you as being a contributing part of your business for the long term. We understand what you need from us: safe work, performance, value, quality and dependability.

CERTIFICATIONS/QUALIFICATIONS: Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. is proud to be one of the highest certified contractors in the country.  The Irrigation Association is considered the premium educator and controller of the irrigation certification process in North America.  Overlooking the entire Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. operation is Kent Fay.  Kent is a Certified Irrigation Designer, Certified Irrigation Contractor, Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor and Certified Landscape Water Conservation Manager.  In addition to Kent, we have several other staff members certified through the Irrigation Association, Landscape Ontario and as Backflow Prevention testers.
Our Mobile Training Center is an excellent example of how serious Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. is about not only ensuring our own employees are the best trained, but helping to raise the bar of the entire industry. All of our employees must pass not only the provincial CIT examination offered by Landscape Ontario, but our more difficult internal testing prior to becoming a technician with Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. We truly believe that if you claim to be the best, you must train to be the best.  Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. is often requested to provide training to municipalities and companies throughout the province.

ABILITY TO MEET SCHEDULING: In 2005, DHS Inc. implemented leading edge contact management software. One of the many benefits that this software provides is the ease of completing a service call from the initial point of contact through to the final invoice and historical data collection. It truly closes the information loop that is often left open. From our offices, we can track all vehicles through the vehicle based GPS tracking units. Because each service vehicle is outfitted with a laptop, the service technician is automatically connected to the offices through the software. This allows the dispatcher to follow the technician from call to call, seeing the vehicle start, move, arrive at the clients, time into the workorder, entering parts and eventually marking the order as complete. The workorder can literally be invoiced from our offices as the technician pulls away from the site. With a full time office staff dedicated to scheduling, dispatch, A/P and A/R, your site is in capable office hands when Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. is maintaining it.

INVENTORIES ON HAND: Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. has a centrally located warehouse at our Toronto Offices. In addition to our available supply houses, we often stock inventory that is less common and which may not be always available at our suppliers on demand. With large restocking efforts made during the early Spring season, followed by weekly re-ordering, each service vehicle has a huge resource available at not only our warehouse, but from a global network of supply houses.  Inventory on hand is replenished daily, using supply houses located in five areas in the GTA that allow us to order, pick up and provide service the same day for specialty items.  Between these supply houses and our own vehicles, a technician can feel confident that should they find a part that they have run out of, another technician will quickly be dispatched in the area.

EQUIPMENT: In the event that machinery is required to trench or plow pipe, we can arrange to have pieces of equipment delivered within hours when required.  With five vibratory plows and three large trenchers, a truck and trailer is within hours of being able to be on site should it be requested.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Our entire office staff, including the President, is in continuous communication with the offices using smart phones, laptops and 2 way communication.  Our regular business hours (for the office employees answering the phones) are typically 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. All after hour messages are immediately forwarded to all office staff, via a wav. file attached to an email, ensuring a reply the next business day if not an immediate reply upon listening to the emailed voice message. This type of communication is far superior to an answering machine that is listened to the next day by one of the employees…all of our office staff will have reviewed the message the minute it was left at the offices using their smart phones.

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