Team Leaders



Combining a strong background in project management, computer programming, mechanical engineering and irrigation, Kent brings a unique combination to the Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. management team.  As a process optimizer for the automotive industry, Kent was often flown into factories to review their layouts, processes and operations to bring improvements to a very competitive market.

Kent has been a leader in introducing the irrigation industry to the potential management of sites using ‘off base’ software, netbooks, pda’s and the Internet.  Our company, with Kent’s direction, was the first irrigation service company in Ontario to introduce GPS tracking, Hindsite Software, in vehicle netbook use and introducing GPS mapping of irrigation sites.

Focusing on water conservation and weather based controller systems; Kent continues to add new products to our service lines, most recently the WeatherMatic SmartLine Controller and EZ-FLO Fertigation.

Kent continues to offer his excellent trouble shooting skills where other irrigation contractors have been unsuccessful.  Kent led the service team in the revamping of the Toronto Botanical Gardens Irrigation System, which had been reduced to running only 10 zones of the existing 23 zones on site.  Three attempts by previous contractors to solve ongoing site issues were met with failure and the City of Toronto is thrilled to have their system up and running to its original design intent from some twenty years ago.

Throughout the Property Management Field, Kent has helped Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. become known as the ‘go-to’ company for difficult troubleshooting and initial designing of complex systems.



With his background as a Superintendent in the Golf Industry, Stan Kamenski was the superior selection to become Operations Manager of Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. in early 2008.  Knowing the commitment that a service industry must make to its clients, combined with the challenges of the seasonal environment, Stan has proven to provide excellent customer service while fulfilling the important Operations Manager position.  Reporting directly to the President of Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc., Stan controls the operation of the entire schedule and dispatching process using internal office staff.

Stan continues to strive to build strong relationships with our clients by addressing customer issues in a timely manner.  Using in house programs for scheduling and dispatch, our ‘control room’ features the highest technology available to the service industry.  With the ability to receive phone messages converted to .wav files, both the President and the Operations Manager receive INSTANT knowledge of developing issues, 24/7.  Our office manager, scheduler and dispatcher report directly to Stan, resulting in an information roadway as opposed to the common information ‘roadblock’, all too common in service companies locked in a non-technically developed office.




With her diverse and respected background in administration and bookkeeping, Angela Twyman, joined our Management team in 2011 as our Office Manager.  Her ability to multitask helps keep our complex information systems up to date, while ensuring our employees remain organized and efficient.  Her attention to detail ensures payments are applied appropriately, employees are compensated accurately and our vendors are paid in a timely fashion.  Angela is the "behind the scenes glue" of the office, freeing other managers to focus on their assigned tasks.

Her organizational skills will prove beneficial as we continue to grow our new sectors into equal business groups with the addition of our Fertigation and Pet Fencing teams this season.  Feel free to ask for Angela when you contact the offices next!  She can easily help with taking your invoice payments, answering invoice or appointment questions and taking appointment confirmations.




Luc Longpre has quickly become a respected Service Manager that Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. has been proud to call a member of its staff since 2008.  Organizing and managing all aspects of multiple irrigation construction projects, from concept to completion, Luc's ability to communicate his objectives to his team and the client remains one of the company’s pure strengths.  Still called upon for his forensic like trouble shooting skills, Luc is one of the key players in emergency situations that we are often called into address.

Luc continues to help with all large service contracts, such as the York Region School Board, with his electrical troubleshooting experience and his thorough understanding of hydraulics.



Bronson Almeida joined the Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. team in April, 2014.  As one of our senior technicians, Bronson is often assigned to large construction projects in addition to larger service sites.  With Bronson's strong communication skills, methodical work habits and enthusiasm for learning, he has quickly risen to become a member of our team that we turn to for his expertise.

Bronson shares many of the similar traits of the other managers listed, in that he can be called upon to provide backup service and offer suggestions should technicians come upon troubled sites.



All service technicians in the field can feel comfortable knowing that Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc has placed a management system that truly considers service a primary objective.  At the end of the year, service to the sites remains our primary goal, putting shovel to dirt and valves to work is the driving force behind the true service management of a site.

Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. continues to select gifted individuals from within the industry and from outside the industry to fully complement our service objective; to create an atmosphere whereby we can easily ”Obtain and Retain Customers for Life."


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