Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. is an irrigation firm with professional management staff and field technicians certified through our industry allies providing our clients with the peace of mind of competent services and a sound investment. Our membership with The Irrigation Association and attendance at various trade shows are ways we continue our pursuit of new technologies, methodologies, educational training and changing trends within the irrigation industry, which is widely unregulated.   In 2005, Kent Fay brought a vision of long term improvement to both Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. and the industry when he purchased the existing company from Lorne and Anna Haveruk.  By introducing a new division to the company each season, Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. has become a true value added service partner to hundreds of satisfied clients in Ontario.

Our company supplies design, installation and maintenance services to our irrigation, landscape lighting, pet fencing, fertigation, excavating and other outdoor service clients.  We work with institutional, commercial, sport/park complexes and residential clients. We are continually upgrading our skills in the latest technological advances so we may offer our clients products and services beyond the abilities of our competition. We have constructed a classroom and wet laboratory facilities for the training of both Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. staff as well as interested customers.

We redesign and retrofit existing and aging lawn sprinkler systems that operate in the low 30 to 40 percent efficiency range to achieve efficiencies levels of 70 to 80 percent. At this level, water costs fall dramatically, while the landscape appearance improves through the use of ‘just in time’ water management practices.

Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. is completely insured for residential and commercial projects of any size and can provide references for all potential clients. We employ and enforce a complete safety policy on every job site and have always been a contractor in good standing with the WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board).

Located at 1876 Wilson Avenue in North York, Ontario, our main offices are situated in the central transportation district of the city and surrounded by a variety of major highways, all providing access to residential, industrial and commercial sites. Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc. takes advantage of an intensive exposure to the public and gains new regular customers each season.

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